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Falling For You


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I am going to say bye bye

Not to mention for any other reasons

But I guess it’s about time to say by bye

I am so tired of having you in a nightmare relationship

Thinking if I should have you in my life or not

Do you deserve me or someone deserves you better…

Please let me go…I want to be free

Free of hesitations and weariness

My heart is so tired

Let me say bye bye…

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Unexpressive Feelings

Unexpressive feelings is what I can’t utter

The feelings that I want to get over;

Even words are not enough to express

But here are some of them I can confess.


I’m happy whenever you are near to me

I’m so proud of myself and feel so lucky;

Especially when you look into my eyes

It seems I’m floating so high in the skies.


Whenever you are not around in my sight

I feel so hopeless and weak all the night;

My eyes are getting deeper ‘cause you are not here

Wishing you come back and make our love truer.


There are unexpressive words I could only define

Words that I feel truly are so hard to bind;

I just wanna hope you believe what I’m saying

This is just a feeling that is full of meaning.


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Ssssh….silence please
I want to hear the words
To whisper my dear
“I love you”
Hopefully he will respond though.

Silence….tell me
Where to start from this hostile life
How will I deal with my problem?
If you’d be there…
Would they hear me? Continue reading

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Letting You Go

A lot of reasons why I have to do this
Much of intuitions why I have to break my promises;
I just have to set this love free
Than to imprison my heart in any way.

Now I finally believe this assertion, so true
Letting go is another way of saying I love you.
That’s why I let it happen to us
I just can’t take that it would last.

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It’s About Time

You know the first time I laid my eyes on you
Different feelings approached me suddenly;
And at that moment, I wasn’t able to fathom it.

I was thinking you won’t perceive what I feel
But when I gave you a chance, you said
“I love you too from the start”
Oh yes, we’d love each other instantly.
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Story of a Writer







When I’m all alone
Perfection exists on my own
I can no longer think of blunders
All I can see is most direct, no errs
The thoughts of changing into better
Thinking the things to be done in God’s will. Continue reading

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In You




I extremely feel the real meaning of affection
There exist an extraordinary obsession
Proven finally this is my self-renovation
In you…I feel I almost fulfill my ambition.

Never I expected someone will incline how am I
You’re always here in my side every time I need to sigh
Obviously your attachment is soaring high more than I
In you…I find my greatest endearment which never die. Continue reading

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All My Life

All my life
I’ve never seen a peculiar person like you
I thought I couldn’t meet someone who feels the way I do
I thank God, I finally found you to share my loneliness when I am blue.
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Worth-letting Go

For so many years I was just on my own

Having someone to be with was nonexistent any more

Been thinking I could not fall again at all Continue reading

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